Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Open Source Clipart

As you may already know, I create the artwork for using Inkscape. All the frogs, trees, rocks, grass, and chef puppets are Scalable Vector Graphics. It's an interesting medium in which to work. It initially appealed to me because even when I drew things by hand they were always made out of simple geometric shapes.

I occasionally need a graphic of something that I am not good enough to draw myself (yet). When I do, I usually go to Everything they have there is in SVG format and in the Public Domain. It's open-source clipart.

While I do need to maintain copyright control over my frogs, I also like to contribute back to the community. As such, I add some of the drawings I make of the accessories in the comic to from time to time.

Check it out next time you need a drawing for a presentation or web page. comic for 29 October 2014

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