Friday, April 10, 2015

Listen to the Spring Peepers

This week I was able to hear one of my favorite sounds again - the Spring Peepers. Not some weird hipster music group, but the small chorus frogs Pseudacris crucifer.

I love listening to the chorus of these tiny amphibians every spring here in central Pennsylvania. When I was a child I lived next to the Tuscarora Creek where it was easy to listen to them every evening. Now I am a bit more removed from a suitable habitat and don't get to hear them nearly as much as I'd like. And they don't seem to last as long as they used to. It seems like I only get to hear them for a week or two in April, although they supposedly will call until June.

If you don't live in the eastern United States you may have never heard these little frogs. Listen to these audio files and hear what you've been missing.

The sound of a single frog: 

The whole chorus of frogs: 

If I hadn't told you they were frogs, you might mistake them for some kind of insect or something. Maybe even a bird, if it called at night. But most birds don't call at night. Only owls.

They might not be spring peepers, but my comic frogs can also entertain you today. For a few minutes at least. comic for 10 April 2015

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