Monday, March 14, 2016

Tags are Live, and a New Server

After getting home from Texas Saturday evening and despite still having a bit of a cold, I managed to get all the code merged and deployed for the comic tags. New and recent comics will have a set of tags displayed below them, listing the characters and themes in each comic. Clicking on one of the tags will take you to a page showing all comics with that tag. So if Business Frog is your favorite, you can easily find all the comics with him in them, for example.

Unfortunately this means I have to go back through over 250 comics and tag them all. That process might take me a few days, so you won't find tags on the older comics right now. I'll get to them, though, don't worry.

In other news, I also added a dedicated database server to my set of virtual machines hosted by Digital Ocean. This takes a bit of load off the web server and the comics are actually more responsive now. If you're a regular visitor you might notice the speed improvement.

But now the most important thing - pictures of my daughter's stuffed frog from from the trip last week!

In the airport early Monday morning.
Coffee and a cheese danish in Texas.
Just hanging out in the hotel.
Watch out for falling ice!
I had a cold, so Froggy gave me some medicine.
The view at night from our hotel.
Taking a walk in Prairie Creek Park.
A nice pedestrian bridge over Prairie Creek.
Enjoying some pizza the night before we left.
Long layover in Detroit, but they have a cool glowing tunnel.
If you've made it this far, why not click the link below and read today's comic? comic for 14 March 2016

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