Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Where Have I Been?

It's been a while. I wrote my last blog post over a year ago, and the comics stopped shorty after the blogs. Some people emailed me to make sure I was okay, since there was no notice or anything. Stuff just stopped. So what happened?

Lots of stuff. Life is complicated. My life is extra complicated.

My wife and I are foster parents. We have three of our own children and at any time we could have any number of additional children. In March of 2017, while I was out of town for business, we were given a 3-month-old foster baby. We already had a toddler only 21 months old. It was just too much. I didn't have time to make comics anymore. I didn't have time to sleep anymore. I burned through my buffer of comics. I found some time to finish a bunch of drafts that I'd started, but I was unable to start anything new and in August of 2017 they just ran out.

I didn't make an announcement or anything because I didn't know what to say. Was it only temporary? Was it the end? I didn't know.

And then things continued to get harder. In October, was got an additional foster child - the baby's 10-year-old sister. I was pretty sure I'd never write another comic again.

Until the spring of 2018. It turns out that babies grow into toddlers. They start sleeping through the night. I guess I should have remembered this fact about babies, but I was really really tired. I'm not saying that anything around here is easy, but I am somehow able to write comics again.

A few of them anyway.

I'm going to start slow. There's only going to be one new comic per week, on Wednesdays. And I don't know if I'll embed any games or anything in them for a while yet. But hey, I've got something. We'll see how it goes.

Here it is, the link to the comic you've all been waiting for! comic for 1 August 2018

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