Sunday, July 25, 2010

Decorating for Geeks

The decoration of your home should be a reflection of your personality. How, then, should an individual who loves software engineering decorate? I decorate mainly with old arcade machines, giant inflatable Mountain Dew promotional bottles, an expertly framed poster of the periodic table of the elements, and the green Ikea plush snake.

But if I had pillows on my couch, I would want them to make a statement. Pillows can be more than a place to rest your head for a nap, they can turn your couch into a great conversation piece. Here is a collection of the best pillows and cushions I've found.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Pillows. Reboot your sofa.

RSS Pillow. Really Simple Sleep?

Facebook Pillow. Yes, even your furniture is on Facebook. 3 of your friends like this.

Calendar Icon Pillows. Can be a constant reminder of important dates.

Giant Hamburger Scatter Cushions. I wouldn't eat it, but I would sit on it.

Super Mario Bros. Mario Hat Pillow, and Super Mario Bros. Luigi Hat Pillow. Suitable for resting on after those marathon Wii sessions (or SNES, if you're old-school like me).

Fortune Cookie Pillow. The beginning of wisdom is to desire it. Your lucky numbers are 4, 33, 7, and 12.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pillow. Put one half on each side of the couch?

Bacon Pillow, and its associate the Egg Pillow. Sleep on them, then wake up and eat them.

Ketchup Packet Pillow. Oddly enough, I could find no french fry pillows.

Cherry Pie Pillow. I'm allergic to apples.

And no cookie lover's home would be complete without the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pillow and the Chocolate Cream Cookie Pillow!

The pillows will add a lot to any room. But I'm still looking for Pac-Man curtains.

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