Monday, July 5, 2010

iPhone App Review - Cookie Dozer

Just had to mention this great game I've been playing on my iPhone, Cookie Dozer by Leftover Studios.

Remember those games you'd see in arcades where you have to drop a coin or token in, attempting to position it where it will push a bunch more coins off a ledge? Well this game is the same concept, but with cookies. Yes, that's right. Cookies. The graphics are awesome. You get hungry just looking at it.

The game gets a little more complicated than just pushing cookies over a ledge. Sometimes special foods will appear, like chocolates and pie. If you succeed in knocking those off the ledge as well, you can trade them in for additional cookies when you run low. Get all the treats of a particular type and you'll unlock a special reward, such as having treats appear more often.

The game physics are exceptional. The cookies behave just like you'd expect them to in the real world, if for some crazy reason you actually found a machine like this full of cookies in your local arcade. The graphics are awesome, but the sound effects are a mixed bag. I would say that the cookie falling noises are quite realistic, but the sounds when a treat appears or drops are hackneyed. The game play is addicting, but is very slow at first. Basically, when you run out of cookies you have to wait for what seems like an eternity to let your numbers build up again. While the game is running, you get an additional cookie every 30 seconds. Between play times you earn new cookies at the rate of one every 12 minutes. This will drive you crazy when you run out and all you really want to keep dropping them. I was extremely frustrated, yet I couldn't stop playing anyway.

And the value? Well, the game is FREE! You can't beat that for value. Overall, I give the game a 7 out of 10. I would recommend downloading right now in case they decide to start charging for it!

It's worth mentioning that Cookie Dozer is basically just the edible version of their previous game, Coin Dozer. I like Coin Dozer too, but it still has some bugs (sounds stop working after getting a pop-up from the phone). I'm waiting for an update. Oh, and you can't eat coins. Still, I'd recommend downloading both.

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