Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Drop that Internet Explorer!

What about the globe icon?
Should you drop support for Internet Explorer 8? Why not? My comic never supported it in the first place.

Well, maybe that's a little unfair. My comic doesn't support it because it has no support for SVG images, which are a major part of the comic's design. Also, CSS3 support is not there, which makes things look pretty bad. I just don't have time to develop a completely different site design for the roughly 9% of Internet users still on the antique browser. I doubt they are my target audience anyway (actually, only about 10% of my comic audience uses any version of IE).

Yeah, that's the one I remember
Internet Explorer 8 is the last version available on Windows XP, which is itself no longer supported. I liked XP and kept it around for a really long time myself, but Windows 7 and 8 are just fine operating systems and both support decent versions of IE.

But for further reading, look at these:

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Now there are even rumors that Microsoft will replace Internet Explorer with a totally new browser in Windows 10! While you might think that retiring the frustrating surfing tool is great news, just wait until you have to support TWO DIFFERENT weird non-standards-compliant Microsoft browsers instead of just one! It's not like every computer on earth is going to suddenly upgrade to Windows 10. There will be people hanging around on Windows 7 for years, and I doubt they'll get this new browser.

In case you are wondering, it's not until Internet Explorer 10 that 100% of my comic is supported. It does look fine in IE9 though. I just don't know what happened to Internet Explorer. I remember it being much better than Netscape Navigator 4, but it lost its way somewhere around version 5. Nobody stays on top forever. I wonder when someone will come out with a better browser than Chrome... comic for 31 December 2014

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