Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Zero-Core Apple

Pair Programming is different from Pear Programming. Apples are different from oranges. Frogs are different from toads. Cores are different from food?

While writing today's comic, I was informed by my wife that apples don't really have cores. "Preposterous!" I exclaimed. Everyone knows apples have cores. No one eats the middle part of the apple. Well, I actually don't eat any part of the apple because I am allergic to apples. But normal people don't eat the middle part of the apple.

It turns out that the Internet agrees with my wife. While most people don't like eating seeds or stems, you can actually eat the entire apple. You won't even really notice anything "core-ish" about that middle part if you eat the apple sideways - start at the bottom at eat your way to the top.

But does pair programming really result in fewer core dumps? I don't know, but pear programming most certainly does.

Sorry, I don't have any deep thoughts on pair programming to share. Or any thoughts about core dumps or multi-core CPU architecture. Or really much of anything besides my shock at learning about the apple core thing. It's been a rough week. Read a comic. comic for 18 February 2015

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