Monday, March 16, 2015

Frogs on Cakes

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the birth of my daughter Alexandria. Most people call that her birthday, but technically her birthday was just that one day back in 2005. What we celebrate each year is the anniversary of that day.

To celebrate each year, I've made a special cake for her.

2006 - Dora the Explorer

She really liked Dora, and at only 1 year old she couldn't really give me any feedback on the cake. Still, since I'd never decorated a cake before I practiced that star-tip frosting thing for days. This was actually the second Dora cake - I made and decorated a test cake the day before.

2007 - Butterfly

We moved into our new house just a few days before I made this cake for her second birthday. Kind of generic maybe.

2008 - Cinderella

By age 3 she was old enough to pick what she wanted for a cake. At the time, Cinderella was her favorite princess. She must have watched that movie 12,000 times this year.

2009 - Ms. Pac-Man

Finally, teaching her to play classic video games paid off and she asked for "Lady Pac-Man" to be her cake this year. So of course I made 2 cakes, one of Ms. Pac and one ghost...along with a bunch of cupcake dots to eat.

2010 - The Search Icon

I have no idea what she was thinking this year, but she insisted on a cake that looks like the search icon. I told her it was a magnifying glass. She said that's what she wanted. Okay.

2011 - Rapunzel's Tower

She watched Tangled in late 2010 and Rapunzel became her new favorite princess. This edible replica of her tower from the movie was a two-layer cake sitting on top of a column of iced crispy-rice treats. I even cooked some spaghetti to drape out of the window for Rapunzel's hair.

2012 - Perry the Platypus

Like all other children in America, Alex became a fan of Phineas and Ferb. I think her favorite character might have actually been Dr. Doofenshmirtz but Perry is easier to represent as a cake. His tail was a waffle.

2013 - Minecraft

She played a lot of Minecraft this year, but I guess technically this wasn't a cake. It was a giant cookie with iced cripsy-rice treats on top. It was my attempt at a Creeper. Still tasted good.

2014 - Volcano

I'm not sure where this idea came from. The cake was a volcano. All her Lego people were running away from it as it erupted. We actually put a cup of dry ice in the middle and poured water on it to make the "smoke" come out. The children at her party were amused for a few minutes.

2015 - Frog Comics

These frogs have been a big part of her life for the past year, as she's had to watch me spend hours and hours making the website and the comics that go on it. She's really picking up on my strange sense of humor. I wrote a special comic to commemorate her birth and had it printed the way they print photos on cakes. Three cakes, three frames of the comic. I had the comic up on yesterday as well, but you can't eat a web page.

So there are Alex's ten birthday cakes. And you thought I was just good for making software and frog comics. Well, if you've been reading the comics and this blog you might not even think I'm good for that. But this proves that I can make cakes if nothing else. I have some other daughters as well, and I even make cakes for them. But that's too make cakes to put in one blog post. One daughter at a time.

Now, back to those frog comics... comic for 16 March 2015

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