Monday, September 28, 2015

Our 13th Anniversary

Today marks 13 years since my wife Rebecca and I were married. While we've mutually agreed to abandon the practice of gift purchasing every year on this date, I thought it would be nice if I devote my blog today to our lives together.

Really that just means I'm going to share lots of old pictures. So here it is, our relationship over the last 15 years...

One of our earliest photos, this is Rebecca in my Cougar at the All Ford Nationals car show in Carlisle. As you can see from the date imprint (pre-digital camera here), it was June 3, 2000.

Here she is as my fiance in January of 2002.

And here we are shoving cake in each other's faces at our wedding reception. That's a weird tradition. And what's with that light being held by that person on the right? Is that a camera flash?

We used to travel to the U.K. back before we had kids.
Here she is in London back in the Spring of 2003.

And the two of us together in front of a big pile of rocks a week later.
They call the rocks Stonehenge. I don't know what you call that old jacket I was wearing, but the thing hanging around my neck is for the audio tour.

In the fall of that year, we somehow got this picture of us taken at a scenic overlook near our home. I don't know if the camera had a timer or we found someone out in the forest to help us.

We were back in the U.K. again the following year. This picture was taken in Bourton-on-the-Water in 2004. They had a lovely hedge maze which entrapped us for hours, but today could easily be thwarted by the availability of satellite imagery on mobile phones.

There was no international travel for us in 2005, as we brought home our first daughter. Here she is with Rebecca when she was about a month old.

Here is Rebecca showing off baby Alex's first Halloween costume.

And here's a family picture from early 2006. I have no idea where we were in this photo.

In this photo from the summer of 2007, we find Rebecca and a two-year-old Alex sharing an ice cream cone at a local fair.

This was the best picture I could find of the two of us together in 2008. I have a strange expression on my face, but I probably have one of those most of the time.

The following year, we added another daughter to our family. This picture shows Rebecca and Gladrielle at the Juniata County Fair in September.

In 2010, we had this lovely vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida. Above, Rebecca waits for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad after just getting off Splash Mountain.

Here we have a wonderful family picture from that same 2010 trip. Goofy is not part of our family. But notice the frog shirts. I'm wearing Science Frog years before he showed up in a comic.

In 2011 we took two vacations. Above, you see us back at Disney World for the Star Wars Weekends. That was the Droid we were looking for.

And then later that summer we visited Corbin, Kentucky. In the photo above, we're about to get in a raft for an up-close encounter with Cumberland Falls (which produced a moon-bow for us that evening).

In this picture from the fall of 2012, we have the first appearance of our third daughter, Natasha (on the far right). We were foster parents when this picture was taken, but we would adopt her later. Yes, it is the same scenic overlook where we were photographed in 2003.

By the time this photo was taken in March of 2013, Rebecca had this wonderfully purple hair. This picture was taken at the airport...

...where we were on our way to the big OUYA party in San Francisco on March 28. In the above photo, Rebecca was waiting with me for the fun to start. Unfortunately, OUYA didn't make it (it sold to Razer earlier this year) but she still has dress she bought for the occasion.

Here is a fun family photo from early 2014.

Here we see that Rebecca is not afraid to face the Dark Side, at least when taking the kids to get autographs. We're back at Disney World for Star Wars Weekends 2014.

We also had this great family photo taken there that year. No one was frozen in carbonite.

Here she is with all our girls in April of this year, 2015. It was a little windy that day, so she couldn't keep her hair out of her face. Also, since she's standing behind Gladrielle it is not easy to notice that she is pregnant in this picture.

Finally, here is Rebecca with our fourth daughter, Kayci. This picture was taken on June 6th, 2015, almost exactly 15 years after that picture of her in my old Cougar.

And there is my photographic journey through the last 15 years of our lives together, 13 of which we've spent as husband and wife. Hopefully she doesn't hate any of these pictures, since I didn't tell her I was going to share them here.

She's also been really good about putting up with me writing these blogs and frog comics every night... comic for 28 September 2015

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