Friday, October 30, 2015

Starting a New Game

I've been kicking around the idea for a while now, but tonight I finally started a new game for Actually starting a new project is almost as difficult as finishing one, but if I never start there's no chance of ever finishing.

I don't have any code or pictures to share yet, but this one is going to star Science Frog. I'm trying to make it in the style of a NES Megaman game, and I happened to find a great resource for information about old video game physics.

TASVideos is a site which, among other things, catalogs lots of data about how the physics worked in games to assist speedrunners. This page on the NES Rockman game (also known as Megaman) has a great breakdown of the horizontal and vertical speed of Megaman as well as the gravity constants and lots of other good information. With this, I should be able to make Science Frog's jumps mimic Megaman's.

So far though, these numbers have not resulted in any great achievements. The jumps are still all out-of-whack probably due to my inability to get the code right using Phaser. I'll keep trying and hopefully by Monday I'll have something to show (along with some pictures of my kids in their Halloween costumes).

And speaking of Halloween costumes, since tomorrow is Halloween I have a Jack-o-lantern theme today in the comic (and the color-change animation effect I talked about on Monday!) comic for 30 October 2015

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