Monday, November 2, 2015

Nothing This Weekend!

Despite my positive outlook from Friday when I talked about starting my new game, I actually got nothing accomplished on it this past weekend. Two things happened.

First, Saturday was Halloween and my daughter's soccer team had an away-game. The game was delayed for a while because no referee showed up. By the time we got home, it was almost time for the trick-or-treat to start. Everyone quickly ate dinner and got into costume. The rest of the night was spent walking around the neighborhood asking for candy.

And then that stupid clock-change thing happened. Actually the inspiration for today's comic, I hate Daylight Savings Time. Well, Daylight Savings Time itself is fine - I hate changing the clocks. It messes me up. It doesn't matter that in the fall we supposedly gain an hour of sleep. I never really do. Especially when there are young children in my house that don't care what the clock says. They are going to get up at the same time no matter what. And now I'm getting hungry an hour before lunch, getting tired at 9:00 in the evening, and just off all day. Why do we do this to ourselves? I'm a big proponent of eliminating the whole time change thing. But I'm also in favor of eliminating local time zones and switching to metric time. Nobody cares what I think.

So instead of some Phaser game code and examples, today I'm just sharing a picture of my kids in their Halloween costumes. We get back to software on Wednesday.

Tasha, on the left, is wearing her R2-D2 dress, which I think counts as a costume. She stayed at our house and handed out candy while my wife and I walk around with the other two. Gladrielle, in the center, is Anna from Frozen. Alexandria, on the right, is Sabine from Star Wars Rebels. We had a total Star Wars theme going if you count the fact that "Anna" held a light saber while we walked around. Gladrielle thinks that Anna might have Force powers. They're all owned by Disney now, so it's plausible.

Here's the comic for today, although this 1-frame sample doesn't do it justice. You have to visit the site. comic for 2 November 2015

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