Monday, November 16, 2015

Review of my TopWebcomics Ad

Instead of doing another post about game progress today, I thought that I'd just give a quick update on my ad I ran on for the past several weeks. My run just ended on Saturday, and I'd like to review it.

To review, I put a special parameter in the link from the ad that I could use to track people who visit as a direct result of clicking the ad. Here's the stats for the past 4 weeks:

Total Comics Viewed44,121
Comics Viewed by Someone Who Clicked on the Ad15,285
Comics Viewed not related to the Ad28,836

So much like last time I checked, which was only a few days after the ad started running, about a third of the comics viewed were a direct result of the advertising. Combine this with the fact that overall site traffic has increased by around 50% since the ad started, and I would have to conclude that TopWebcomics advertising has blown away my Facebook advertising in terms of getting traffic to the site. As a bonus, 6 people added my comic to their "Favorites" list on over the past 4 weeks. While that doesn't seem like a big number, it is an increase of 50% as well.

My ad, in case you missed it.
I ended up with a cost-per-click of around $0.04. But once someone clicked through to my site, it was highly likely that they stayed and viewed several comics. Most of the increase in views was a direct result of people browsing through the complete set of comics after visiting the site for the first time. About 25% of the people who originally came from the ad came back on their own at least once.

Overall, I would say that I am highly satisfied with my experience advertising with TopWebcomics. I would do it again.

In other news, the test level for the 8-bit style platformer that I'm making with Phaser is now live at Give it a try if you have a few minutes, and feel free to send feedback. I'll try to make some significant updates this week, but I'm also working on adding some new features to the comic as well. Here's the link to today's comic, even without those new features. comic for 16 November 2015

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