Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Stuffed Frog Returns to Texas

Again I have returned to the Dallas area for a week of work that is slightly different from my usual work. Since living out of a hotel is not extremely conducive to either my game development or comic writing hobbies, I present you instead with more pictures of my daughter's stuffed frog doing things with me on my trip.

At our airport, there's a phone on the wall after you go through the security line. It links to the other side of these big glass windows so you can talk to people after going through security. It's been there for a long time, since before people could do that with cell phones I guess. But anyway, here is Froggy talking to my youngest daughter using that phone. My wife is helping her.

When I do these types of posts, you'll notice that Froggy is eating in many of the pictures. Since I have to work most of the day, dinner time is when Froggy and I get to spend the most time together. I always try to feed him well. Here he is eating some macaroni-and-cheese with bacon and mushrooms in our hotel room. It was from the Potbelly Sandwich Shop. I ate the sandwich (not pictured).

What does Froggy do all day while I'm working? Mostly he just sleeps in my backpack, as seen here.

We don't always eat in the hotel. Above is a picture of Froggy eating at the Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse. He doesn't eat much but is always stuffed.

Now please enjoy today's comic where the frogs are no more real but no less entertaining. comic for 13 January 2016

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