Friday, February 19, 2016

My Level Design, So Far

With most of the game mechanics getting pretty solid in my platformer, I've been devoting more time to the level design. Here's what I have so far.

There are going to be 8 levels, one for each bit in a byte. I want each one to have at least some loose tie-in with a software engineering technology, much like how the Tron arcade game's difficulty levels were (mostly) named after programming languages. Those were RPG, COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, SNOBOL, PL1, PASCAL, ALGOL, ASSEMBLY, OS, JCL, and USER, if you've forgotten. I've programmed in 4 of them. I won't tell you which ones.

But anyway, here are my levels so far:

Level 1 - Vector Factory. Kind of a dark, industrial feel.

Level 2 - Binary Trees. It's a forest. Lots of trees. And pits.

Level 3 - Silicon Dioxide Valley. A desert. Sand and stuff.

Level 4 - Cloud Computing. Also some ice. In the sky.

Level 5 - Containers. There are lots of boxes. And a dock.

Level 6 - Deployment Pipeline. You guessed it - pipes.

I don't really have anything for 7 or 8 yet. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. Also, you can check out the game's complete source code on GitHub or play the current unfinished version on You can also view today's comic there as well! comic for 19 February 2016

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