Monday, April 11, 2016

A Little Break

Over the last month, regular readers here might notice that the stresses of travel and a new job have greatly limited my ability to do interesting things and blog about them. It's just been too hard to keep up both the writing of the blog and the writing of the comic. I've decided that the comic is more important and must continue on its regular publication schedule, while blog posts might get a little more irregular.

I haven't forgotten about my 8-bit-style Phaser platformer, and I will be finishing it up over the next few weeks - I just might have one blog post per week instead of three.

I will try very hard to get back on my old schedule as soon as possible. And speaking of things being back on schedule, look what's on Cartoon Network's schedule: a reboot of the Powerpuff Girls! Along with Dexter's Laboratory, the Powerpuffs were one of my favorite shows back when I was in college. My wife, who was known to watch them with me back in those days, even has the Heroes and Villians Powerpuff Girls soundtrack CD somewhere in this house. We added it to our iTunes library years ago but no longer have any iDevices so I haven't heard it in a while...

Anyway, to promote the new series Cartoon Network put together this Powerpuff Yourself thing and I used it to make this Powerpuff version of my wife:

Powerpuff Rebecca, with her super-powered latte.

It looks just like her, trust me.

And you might say that the art style of the Powerpuff Girls influenced my own work. You might be right. I loved the art in the original series. The new one is very similar, but it's not quite the same. Or maybe it is and I've just gotten older. comic for 11 April 2016

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