Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Read Another Blog Today

As I said last week, I'm not spending as much time writing this blog as I normally have been. I need a few weeks off from it due to the demands of the real world. But that doesn't mean that you, the reader, have to suffer. Please take the time you would have normally spent reading my inane ramblings to read someone else's.

Here are some excellent options:

Smoke in the Cinderhaze
I'm not exactly sure what a "Cinderhaze" is, but I suspect that it's a word used to describe Cinderella's mental state before she has her first cup of coffee in the morning. Either that or some kind of sailor thing. This tech blog is written by my friend Daryl Wiest, and he doesn't update it often enough. Go leave him some comments about that.
David Walsh Blog
An excellent tech blog that covers a variety of topics, but often covers JavaScript and front-end stuff. Also some excellent career advice sometimes. This David Walsh guy is fairly famous so you might have heard of him already. If not, you should.

While you wander off to read those, don't forget to read today's comic! It's #314, which is a lower number than Monday's comic (#315). That kind of thing hasn't happened in a while. I move the publish dates around from time to time after I make them. I hope it doesn't bother anyone. comic for 20 April 2016

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