Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm Tired of Hotels

So here I am in another hotel. In the past 5 weeks, I've been to Texas, Florida, and Virginia. I don't mind a business trip every now and then, but this has been difficult. This week I'm in Virginia because I'm starting a new job and need to learn some things before I go back home to Pennsylvania. So far I've learned that I am really tired of hotels.

They've all been nice hotels. There's nothing really wrong with them. There's just something wrong with me. A lot of people travel much more than I do, and I am starting to think those people are crazy. Back six months ago, I was able to do some work on my comic and some games while in a hotel room. Now I can't even get Eclipse to start. I once wrote 2 blog posts per night in my hotel. Now I forget that I even have a blog until the last minute. I may have to take a hiatus from the blog writing for a while so that I don't get behind on the comic too. I haven't decided yet.

My friend Daryl tries to help keep me working on things by writing issues on GitHub for my unfinished games. Maybe if more people did that I would be forced to work on them more. Why don't you go read my comics and play some of my games right now and write an issue for a bug fix or improvement on one of them? That would really help me out. It would help more if you did the fix yourself and just sent the fix... comic for 6 April 2016

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