Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Decorations

Like the frogs of, I have also been decorating for Christmas. My family's Christmas tree is adorned with ornaments collected over the years that have a special meaning to us.

This first one actually opens up. It originally had the engagement ring I gave to my future wife back on December 21st, 2001. Inside it today is still a little bit of the wrapping paper from the box.

We picked up this Union Jack ornament on one of our trips to the United Kingdom back before we had children.

I love this Pac Man arcade machine ornament. It plays the music from the game if you push the buttons. We got this back when I was buying classic arcade machines.

I picked up this rustic squirrel ornament on clearance at a Meijer store in central Ohio after Christmas. We used to travel there in January every year to celebrate post-Christmas with my mother's family. It reminds me of those trips.

I got this Octocat ornament from GitHub earlier this year with my winnings from the GitHub Game Off 2015. I've been waiting 9 months to hang this thing up!

There are so many more on the tree; I can't show pictures of them all. But they all have a story. Here's the big picture (the whole tree):

And let's not forget about my outdoor decorations...

That's all I have to share today. I know, two posts in a row with no code to share. It's a busy time of year. The frogs have been busy as well, so be sure to check out all their decorating work in today's comic. comic for 9 December 2015

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