Monday, December 7, 2015

More Froggy Pictures from Texas

I'm back home from another week in Texas! Since I've basically done nothing but cut down a Christmas tree and hang up some lights since Friday, there's no software-related material to share today. Instead, how about some more pictures of my daughter's stuffed frog who accompanied me on my trip?

This past week was Froggy's 5th trip to the Dallas area.

Froggy gets a snack in the Philadelphia
airport while we wait on our plane.
We split a sandwich for dinner the first night.
Who photo-bombed who?
Froggy gets more sleep than I do on these trips.
Cooking dinner in the hotel room.
Froggy only knows how to make macaroni and cheese.
We found this nice fountain while walking around one evening.
And we found this weird statue.
It's outside the State Farm Operations Center.
Froggy also likes soup.
Froggy took his pets for a walk.
They are a giraffe, a cow, and a stegosaurus.
We had to get up really early to get our flight home.
Froggy slept at the airport.
I apologize if you actually follow this blog and were expecting more substance today. Sometimes, this is my life. My daughters all enjoy these pictures that I send home. The people who watch me take them probably think I'm some sort of weirdo. They're correct, of course.

On a completely unrelated topic, I'm starting the Christmas-themed comics this week! Be sure to read today's: comic for 7 December 2015

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