Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This is Why I Love Phaser

One of my stated goals when I started the web comic was to include interactive experiences directly in the comics. My idea is that this kind of thing takes web comics more towards the web. It uses more of the browser as a medium. It's the next level of comics.

That means every so often, when the joke calls for it, I include some interactive or dynamic content in the comics. Today's comic has a game embedded in the third frame.

And that's why I love Phaser.

I had to take a break from working on my platformer to make today's hedge maze game, but thanks to Phaser it didn't take all that long. I only wrote somewhere around 150 lines of code and I have a small game playable in a desktop browser. When I first tried Phaser (making my 404 page game) I was a little skeptical. I am very careful about which frameworks I use for any of my projects, but at this point I am totally sold on Phaser as an HTML5 game development framework. It just saves me so much time. The way it works makes sense, and it performs very well. Prior "games" that I've put in the comics have taken a lot more time to develop and done a lot less than this hedge maze one today. Expect to see more like this in the future.

I don't mention it often anymore, but the entire source code for is on GitHub, and that includes the JavaScript for the hedge maze game. Check it out here and use it to start making your own games! comic for 30 December 2015

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