Friday, December 11, 2015

Residual Traffic from my Ad

Remember about a month ago when my ad for finished its run on I wrote about how I was tracking its effectiveness using a special URL and a cookie:
Tracking Visitors from Ads with Express Middleware
Today I was curious just how many comics are still being viewed because of the ad almost a month later. I ran my database queries again and found that over the past 3 weeks (all outside of the ad's run) there have been 183 visits to the main page of by people who have the cookie.

While not an astounding number, I'm still pleased with it. It means there are quite a number of new people coming to read the comics that would not be had I not run the ad.

In related news, I'm having a lot of trouble staying in the top 100 this month. Voting is fierce in December, I suppose. I could use a few more votes if you have a second. Just click here.

Remember to take a look at today's comic, even if you never clicked on the ad or visited It doesn't matter to me why you look at them. Just do it! comic for 11 December 2015

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